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Microsoft Money is the best online banking software available
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Microsoft Money is a feature rich application with a stunning interface. Microsoft Money, from its name itself, is a program to manage all your financial affairs. It is a common practice that people are using their money online to buy things, to pay the bills, do some other money transactions, like sending to your son or daughter, etc. Almost all the banks support internet banking. No one needs to go out of their homes to send / receive money by their bank accounts. One important thing is the credit / debit cards. But many websites cannot be trusted in this matter.

"Money" is really easy to use. You need a hotmail account. It has got many features.
The "Home" tab shows all the reminders / To-Do list, a small report on you spendings, dues, money to be received, etc. It also provides shortcuts to many useful tools in the program.
"Business" tab provides options to send invoices, order checks, etc.
"Banking" tab gives all the tools needed to use your bank account to send / receive money. We can add as many accounts we need, which can include a Bank Account, Credit Card, Investment, etc. Many banks are not in their list, especially if you are outside the U.S. But we can add a new bank account; but you must confirm with your bank, if it supports or not.
"Tax Estimator" is a great tool which can be used to calculate your taxes easily. As with a computer program, it is easy to change a field (expense / investment, etc) to check whether you will get a tax benefit or not!

Anyway, this is a really good program, the best of its kind.

Zack Martin
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  • Report making
  • Planning, Budget Preperation, etc
  • Help on taxes, marketing and stocks


  • Doesn't support Paypal or similar websites
  • Won't support many banks
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